Adibe’s Story

Adibe is one of the “FROG warriors” who took part in the trials of the FROG walker. Recently we had a chance to catch up with him. It will be an exciting time after the summer break, when Adibe will attend an integrated school close to his home and won’t have to get up anymore at 5:30 to be bussed to a special school on the other side of the island!

“I keep thinking about those who care about me.” Adibe says his mother plays an important role in his journey. He doesn’t let his condition define him: “My muscles are affected but nothing is wrong with my mind.”

Adibe shares anecdotes about his friends and their struggles with happiness and explains that his group of friends all rely on each other. His teacher always says: “No matter what people say to you, just don’t care about it… there are some people who are worse off than you… are you just going to give up?…Don’t give up just because this is the one painful moment of your life… who knows, it might get better in the future…”

Adibe has made great strides, from the support of the FROG walker, to now walking with crutches. “I have to work really hard… I couldn’t even stand with crutches… now I can walk with them”. He handed us back the FROG for another child to benefit. Our greatest satisfaction is when a user can ‘graduate’ from our product.

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