Erin’s Active Life with FROG

Meet Erin from Orlando, Florida, USA, our most mature user of the Voyar FROG so far! Erin is 18 years old and has been using walkers since she underwent surgery to remove a tumor at 4 years of age. Since then she has impaired motor skills. She uses a gait trainer for most of her mobility, at school, stores, walking around the neighbourhood and community, attending parties, etc. Her family lifestyle is very active and outdoors oriented, and this is also reflected in Erin’s life. Her mother Cathy explains: “Most gait trainers are not useful for long distances because if the user gets fatigued they have to use a wheelchair instead. The Voyar FROG has a usable seat which is great!”

Besides its application in therapy, the FROG walker is very useful to users who want more autonomy when away from home. It addresses their need for rest without having to resort to a wheel chair which compromises their self-directed mobility. Roaming around with the FROG increases their social interaction, level of physical activity and sense of satisfaction.

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