Therapist’s Evaluation of FROG


Merissa is a very driven occupational therapist from Michigan, US, who today lives and works at Sarah’s Covenant Homes (SCH), a project of India Christian Ministries located in Hyderabad, India. SCH houses about 170 children and adults with disabilities who have been orphaned, abandoned, or relinquished to the state. Merissa’s passionate work is as both foster parent and therapist providing these children love, education and therapy in a family-style environment. In her blog you can get a glimpse of her life and work.

Merissa’s views are a great encouragement and validation of our work on gait trainers to support therapy for walking with conditions like cerebral palsy and other mobility impairments:

“I absolutely love mobility equipment. It’s so empowering. It allows for freedom of movement, which is a joy in and of itself. Mobility equipment also opens up access to more places and more activities and offers independence and autonomy. Izzy’s beaming smile speaks volumes to how she experiences freedom in her gait trainer and how she values the opportunity to move in this way. I’m so thankful for mobility equipment and the people behind the production of it who are willing to push for innovative, improved products to maximally benefit those who use them.”

Check out Merissa Harkema’s evaluation of the FROG gait trainer:


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